6 Tips on How to Properly Care for Your Luxury Leather Handbag

Buying a new luxurious leather handbag is an investment. While they are most certainly much more expensive than your average Winners handbag, high quality leather handbags can keep their quality and shape for years, if cared for properly.

Providing proper care for your leather handbag goes a long way in preventing the leather from drying out or cracking. It can also help protect it from excessive moisture that can cause the skin to swell.

This short guide will help give you a few simple tips you can do that will help ensure your handbag investment will last you a lifetime.

Caring for Your Leather Handbag

  1. Use a protector spray or rub wax onto your new bag before using it

This is a good precaution to take, especially if you get caught in the rain or accidentally spill a drink on your bag. The spray or wax will prevent water or stains from sinking into the leather, causing a lot of damage.

  1. Always try to handle your leather handbag with clean hands

Leather bags are very susceptible to absorbing oil and grease, which can cause a buildup of greasy stains. When stowing your bag away, wipe the surface of your bag with a damp cotton cloth, but try not to use too much water, or it can take a long time to dry.

  1. Apply a special leather conditioner once a month

There are certain specialty leather conditioners you can buy that are made for leather, helping to keep it supple. The conditioner should be applied using a circular motion and wiped off with a slightly damp cloth, so that the skin pores don’t get clogged. It is important to note to never use this on suede or patent leather bags.

  1. Remove any stains as soon as you see them

More common stains from food or even blood can often be removed with chalk powder. Simply crush the white chalk, apply it to the stained area and let it sit overnight. In the morning, dust it off with a clean cloth. You can also consider using stain wipe removers, which clean and condition your bag with essential oils to keep the leather smooth and soft.

  1. Stuff your handbag with bubble wrap or a purse insert when not in use

If you have a bag that you’re planning to store long-term, be sure to stuff enough bubble wrap inside to help keep its shape. Never use newspapers, as the color could transfer over. A simpler way is to use a pure organizer insert, which will help retain its shape without causing any extra mess.

  1. Avoid resting light colored leather bags against dark wash jeans

The color from your dark wash jeans could end up transferring over to the bag. When carrying make up or pens in your bag, always keep it inside a pouch, so you don’t risk the chance of your interior getting stained.

Bonus Tips & Advice

  • If you like white leather handbags, consider getting another color, as white bags will yellow or naturally darken with age.
  • Try to keep cosmetics and anything that leaks inside a pouch. These small items can stain or damage your interior fabric. A great way to avoid this, is to use a purse protector insert.
  • Avoid cleaning products with alcohol, turpentine or other mineral spirits, as they will dry out your leather.
  • If your bag gets soaked with water, never use a hair dryer on it. Instead, use a thick hand towel to try and absorb as much water as possible and then air dry it.

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